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Landscape Tips

Hot & Dry Conditions Continue

Now, in the month of September there will be little change in temperatures with exception of the Santa Ana Winds. Therefore we will need to practice applying "Syringe Cycles" (short periods of watering to plant material in middle of the day) to help keep plant foliage cool and help replace water evaporation. Lawns will especially benefit from these watering and will also help prevent necrotic ring spots. If you manually water your lawn, add a mid-day watering to the areas that would benefit from the additional watering. If your lawn is watered by an automatic timer, most of them have an option for multiple watering days and times. Simply create a new short watering cycle to each station that applies to the lawn and plant areas effected in addition to the normal watering settings. Lawn fertilizer should consist of slow release nitrogen. September is an optimal time of the year to perform weed control both pre & post emergence. After weeds have been addressed, planting of seed for repairs or new lawns can be performing. After lawns have been planted, we can embellish our landscape with trees, bedding plants and a vegetable garden. Here are a few plant suggestions for the month of September: Trees; Crape Myrtle, Bedding plants; Mums & Vegetable gardens; beets, radishes & leaf lettuce. In addition, house plants should be brought indoors.

As always if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at any time. We will be glad to help you.

Have a wonderful September!

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